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Hello loves,

Unlike past years, my transition into 2017 did not include deep thoughts or analysis of what I had accomplished during the last year. I do not have a 2017 agenda in hopes it gets filled with hopes and dream for this year -that has already seen 3 weeks pass. Neat!

I guess since we moved to Portland, things have changed a little, and a lot. We are no longer desperate to leave the Midwest. I am on an ongoing discovery of my passion and I am seriously enjoying it. I’m telling you, it feels good. Sitting at my table with the computer in front of me and a cup of tea next to me, switching between reading my favorite blogs and just staring out the window, it feels good.

So, this year I will not set a crazy goal of posting twice a week, or even every other week, because we all know, I will not. This year I will do my best to post once a month, and I will share the deets of my life and surroundings on Instagram, as I´ve been doing for the past months,  it is easier to see photography and even thought progress there.

I will make an effort to bake more cakes and less cookies. And I vow to foster more meaningful relationships with the beautiful souls I cross paths with. Also, I will drink more wine, because life’s too short.


Alba B



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I am enjoying my extinguishing 20 something, documenting my personal thoughts and adventures one instagram photo and blog post at a time, moving from Mexico to Midwestern US to the Pacific Northwest! Taking on every adventure with my amazing husband, because love is love!

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