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Hey loves,

How was your holiday weekend? Today I am back to work for a very short week and Friday at midnight we are heading down to Mexico to visit my parents and work on a project for a week, as exciting as that is, I am so very thankful for the long Christmas weekend that we got to spend slowly at our apartment.

On Thursday Brian and I met for lunch at our favorite bakery in Portland (amazing grilled cheese!), then after work we finished our grocery shopping for Christmas Eve dinner and he headed home to nestle for the rest of the weekend. Christmas Eve we eased our way into preparing dinner: roasted duck, fingerling potatoes, pomegranate salad, rosemary rolls…

Fine, I also baked a pear-ginger bread, it looked so gorgeous in the photos on Pinterest, that I saved my amazing pears from the farmers market to make it. I poached the pears, the apartment smelled wonderful, made the batter, poured too much batter into my loaf bread pan and ruined the baking process… I was so upset, because of all the food I was preparing for our dinner, dessert was what I was looking forward to the most. Anyway, after the epic fail, I decided to save the poached pears and we ate them with vanilla ice cream, BEST poached pears of my life.We did love the rest of the food, the rosemary rolls are SO addictive!

Sunday, Christmas day, I was still feeling like we were missing a scrumptious dessert… so I made a pumpkin cheesecake, then we never ate it because we snacked on left over rolls and salad, and we sipped a DELICIOUS mulled blueberry wine.

Come Monday, I was ready for hot cocoa making, so we had it with cheesecake for brunch. Then we had roasted potatoes and left over duck for dinner.

I know, this is a huge post to basically inform you all the food that went into our bellies this past weekend, in my defense, we had so much good stuff that I am seriously thinking of sharing some details of where to get your pears, honey and blueberry wine. SO GOOD!

That’s all for now, friends. I will be sharing our indulgent, Mexican trip soon!

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