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Dear friends,

Today I want to get something straight: IT IS NOT ALL COFFEE SHOPS AND FURNITURE STORES.

Last week I shared with you my love for Instagram and how it is my favorite app, which means I use it often. I am a firm believer that we should share the good, so because going to coffee shops and furniture stores are some of the highlights in my day, most of what I share on Instagram are photos of amazing lattes and home pieces to die for. That said, I do not go from one coffee shop to the other all day every day, and I certainly do not come home with beautiful pillows or baskets or plates, it actually takes me a long time to decide on buying an item and make peace with spending the money when I am not the one making it. That’s right dears, most of my time is spent JOB HUNTING. And let me tell you, it is a struggle!

I chose to talk about this, because it occurred to me that maybe the world also needs to know others are struggling and none of us are really alone. Almost 9 months ago I relocated to the US for personal reasons (a.k.a marrying the love of my life), the paperwork process to finally obtain my permanent residency and work permit with it was lengthy. I spent the first 6 months of my time here baking, cooking, reading books and working as a freelance for my employer in Mexico.

After the first month of job search while in Iowa, my husband got a job offer in Portland and we made the move. We have been living here for about 6 weeks, and for those 6 weeks I’ve spent a considerable amount of time each day, looking for jobs. I decided this was chance to find something I’m really passionate about, so I go through a lot of listings on several job boards online, I go to websites of companies and brands I love, I’ve sent applications, I’ve got some rejections, some silences, and a couple of interviews, like most of us job hunters, I suspect!

I am lucky because I have a partner who supports me and has my back on this process, but that doesn’t mean the process isn’t sometimes daunting. I overheard a young woman refer to the job hunting process as demoralizing and it can be. I had a long talk about it yesterday, most of the time it isn’t about not getting a response or being rejected, it is more about how vulnerable you feel by putting yourself out there time after time and how some days it can feel like you’re not making progress. But for everyone out there going through the same, hang in there! We shall all find the right job soon!

If you’re searching for a job and find it a little overwhelming sometimes, share your story! Thoughts are always welcome!




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I am enjoying my extinguishing 20 something, documenting my personal thoughts and adventures one instagram photo and blog post at a time, moving from Mexico to Midwestern US to the Pacific Northwest! Taking on every adventure with my amazing husband, because love is love!


  1. andnaps says

    So true! As a Canadian, I moved to England to live with my boyfriend (paperwork nightmare) and job searching was so overwhelming. Sending good vibes your way on your search!

    • Alba Betancourt says

      Oh yes! Being an expat in search of a job, it’s a constant work of reminding yourself you’re just as capable as everyone else and you’re up for great things! It can be disheartening, but we can be our worst enemy or our best friend, I choose the latter! :) Thank you for stopping by and for the vibes! We all need good vibes! :)

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