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I love the weekends, they’re always an adventure, even when we stay in the city and just go for a walk to discover a new area, there’s just something so exciting about the weekends. Maybe I’m romanticizing the weekends because this was a really good one!

We made it to Cannon Beach, and it was beautiful! We definitely didn’t need hats or shorts, it was actually kind of chilly, it was misty, sort of nostalgic beach setting! LOVED IT! I also loved our dinner at Newman’s at 988, I had lobster ravioli and the best blueberry cheesecake for dessert!

Anyway, here are some photos, I’m really looking forward to exploring more of Oregon! Any suggestions?

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I am enjoying my extinguishing 20 something, documenting my personal thoughts and adventures one instagram photo and blog post at a time, moving from Mexico to Midwestern US to the Pacific Northwest! Taking on every adventure with my amazing husband, because love is love!

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