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Hello friends,

Time is flying here, I am sure it’s also going fast for you. I attended a Secret Supper as a volunteer two weeks ago, and I want to share some beautiful moments spent with super talented ladies that put it together, but as I just said, time is flying and we’re already past Thanksgiving. So first things first…

This was my second Thanksgiving, before 2015, Thanksgiving was not a holiday for me. And this year, was our first one making our own Thanksgiving dinner. B and I decided to do everything from scratch. So we went to the market last Saturday and stuck up on beautiful cranberries, honey, apple cider, greens and a pumpkin!

Then I searched the web until I found what turned out to be seriously amazing recipes, thank goodness for food bloggers and social media!

I still can’t pick my favorite dish. That cranberry sauce was delish… but that orange peel-rosemary butter made our turkey delicious…

Thought I would share some pictures from our table. I am so grateful for everything we’ve experienced this year,  thankful for my wonderful partner in crime and the ongoing chance to become better for ourselves, for each other.


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