Month: October 2016


Hi all, I honestly can´t believe it´s been over two months I wrote my last post! A lot has happened, the city is looking gorgeous, yellow orange and red leaves are all around, we even made it to Cannon Beach again about 3 weeks ago. The adaptation to a new city, a new pace, a new life is an art on itself. We are loving the Pacific Northwest. Still excited about new connections, new relationships. Still finding new coffee shops (I believe that will never stop). I am still trying to find the perfect raincoat, something stylish yet functional, believe me, it´s NOT easy. Anyway, these are the thoughts for now, I am sharing a few pictures taken on our outings to the PSU Farmers Market, we love it, it is our Saturday morning ritual! Stay tuned for more slow living, easy loving, day to day stories and pleeeease, share your fall/winter joys and Pacific Northwest discoveries (instagram accounts and blogs included!).