Month: August 2016


I love the weekends, they’re always an adventure, even when we stay in the city and just go for a walk to discover a new area, there’s just something so exciting about the weekends. Maybe I’m romanticizing the weekends because this was a really good one! We made it to Cannon Beach, and it was beautiful! We definitely didn’t need hats or shorts, it was actually kind of chilly, it was misty, sort of nostalgic beach setting! LOVED IT! I also loved our dinner at Newman’s at 988, I had lobster ravioli and the best blueberry cheesecake for dessert! Anyway, here are some photos, I’m really looking forward to exploring more of Oregon! Any suggestions?


Dear friends, Today I want to get something straight: IT IS NOT ALL COFFEE SHOPS AND FURNITURE STORES. Last week I shared with you my love for Instagram and how it is my favorite app, which means I use it often. I am a firm believer that we should share the good, so because going to coffee shops and furniture stores are some of the highlights in my day, most of what I share on Instagram are photos of amazing lattes and home pieces to die for. That said, I do not go from one coffee shop to the other all day every day, and I certainly do not come home with beautiful pillows or baskets or plates, it actually takes me a long time to decide on buying an item and make peace with spending the money when I am not the one making it. That’s right dears, most of my time is spent JOB HUNTING. And let me tell you, it is a struggle! I chose to talk about this, because it occurred …


Hello readers!  August is here! I cannot believe we have been living in Portland for a whole month already!  This is a totally random post to share with you my wardrobe status, I love our apartment, but the closet is half the size of the one we used to have, so in an attempt to keep things organized I went through my clothes and found several items that I won’t be wearing in the near future and I came across this really cool site where you can post your Zara clothes for sale:, so I uploaded a few things, I have never sold anything online, so I’m really trying my luck!  Does anybody know of websites to sell clothing, that aren’t as generic as eBay or Craigslist?