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It’s been a while since my last post, not much has changed in our apartment. We ordered a dining table and a sofa last week, but it won’t be here until late August. Not having proper sitting at home is my perfect excuse to keep going from coffee shop to coffee shop!

After reading reviews and checking the map, I made a list of all the coffee shops I want to go to this month, so far I’ve visited 6 and here are my thoughts:

Barista on NW 13th: Nice baristas, enjoyed my iced latte, loved the outdoor sitting area, amazing for people watching!

Lotus and bean on SW 3rd: Good if you want to get some work done, I was there for about 3 hours and the girls were nice with me! Also had an iced latte and a croissant later, which had a discount because it was after 3pm!


Café Ponté on SW Naito Pkwy: Super friendly baristas, yummy coconut latte and very nice atmosphere, people come and go with their dogs and they all seem to know each other!

Revolución Coffeehouse on SW 6th: I may be biased but I loved the café de olla, I spent nearly 3 hours there just sipping my coffee and having flashbacks of my mom making café de olla once a week for all winter months, oh how I love the smell of cinnamon and coffee! This place was busy too, and the barista (a mexican) was very friendly with everyone, many Americans stopped by and even practiced their Spanish with her!

Spella Caffé on SW 5th: I read terrific reviews about Spella, so I had been wanting to go for days, finally made it yesterday and OMG is it good! This is the first place where I had the nerve to ask for a suggestion and go for it, I simply asked “what would you recommend? I’d like something iced!” that’s how I ended up having the Espresso Shakerato, best espresso ever! So nice! The place is tiny but very very nice! they do have some sitting outside but I dare say this isn’t a coffee place you go for the location, it is all about the coffee actually! I cannot wait to go back and try their affogato!


Bottom line: For location I would definitely go back to Barista and Café Ponté, because well you know, I love people watching! For the coffee, Spella Caffé is hands down the best to me (plus you can always walk a few steps and people watch at Pioneer Square).

Here’s hoping next week’s list won’t disappoint! Stay tuned!

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I am enjoying my extinguishing 20 something, documenting my personal thoughts and adventures one instagram photo and blog post at a time, moving from Mexico to Midwestern US to the Pacific Northwest! Taking on every adventure with my amazing husband, because love is love!

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