Month: June 2016


I cannot believe it’s already been 8 months since our dreamy day back in October! We started our #marrylife in the Midwest and despite going a little crazy because there’s isn’t a lot to do in Sioux City, we fell in love with a few spots, like an Indian restaurant with the best tikka masala ever and wine based margaritas ever! But nothing lasts forever and we are beyond excited to be moving to Portland! Brian’s starting a brand new job so we are hitting the road this week! We’ll be telling you all about our trip next weekend, from our new home in Northeast Portland! ___ No puedo creer que han pasado ya 8 meses desde nuestra boda! Después de vivir en Sioux City este tiempo, estamos emocionados de mudarnos a Portland! En un par de días empezamos nuestro viaje, y el próximo fin de semana les contaremos desde nuestro nuevo hogar en el noroeste de Portland!