Month: January 2016


I promise I didn’t start this blog to be all about bakes and sweet treats, but I also promise you being stuck in the Midwest,  waiting for my job permit and watching snowfall, there are only three things that get me excited on a daily basis: food making, instagram and reading; so more often than I’d like, that time between lunch and dinner just makes me think of baking goods!! So, let’s establish a day a week to blog about baking or roasting or cooking in general. must tell you tho, my cooking experience is limited, before I moved to the midwest I could barely manage to make myself a sandwich. So, 3 months is what I have to offer. This week I came across this recipe on yummly, I was looking for apple cake because I had some apples we got on sale at Target and I found that to be an interesting recipe, I decided to try it with real butter and whole wheat flour instead of normal flour, I absolutely loved the result, made …


Hello, hello, all of you blog readers suffering from cold cold temperatures, I hear you! If you happen to have some free time and -like me- absolutely love cakes and cookies, these are my 3 simple yet yummy recommendations: Cranberry cobbler. As you may know if you follow me on instagram, cranberries are my addiction during winter, I must have them around all season. Last winter I discovered this cranberry cobbler recipe by Martha Stewart, takes all of 10 mins to prepare and about 25 mins to bake (yes, seriously). It is light, yet delicious, perfect for a little treat after dinner! 2. Gooey cocoa brownies. Life is better with chocolate, and even better with brownies! A few days ago I stumbled upon this recipe on Honey & Jam. I’m with her, best cocoa brownies EVER. My husband’s allergic to tree nuts so I replaced pecans with bittersweet chocolate chips, oh so decadent!   3. Earl grey shortbread cookies. Last Christmas I started my tradition of baking 12 different cookies for Christmas, I tried to go for just a few traditional recipes like snickerdoodle and …


This is my very first post on These Obsessions, and although it’s been over two months since this life-changing event happened, I thought I’d share some of it, since it has great influence in my interests and current obsessions.  On October last year, I married the most fascinating man I’ve ever met. After some months of planning, we finally got to see the dream day come to life! With nearly 80 dearest and nearest, a great menu created by my sister and a local restaurant, an amazing local band and the help of a wedding coordinator, it turned out to be the greatest day of our lives. As the greatest day of our life, I decided it deserves its own few posts, it is after all something I’m still obsessed about. Did you have your dreamy wedding yet? Are you just planning it now? Love to hear about it!